Pubali Construction Company Limited.


Construction works of 4 storied Factory Building (FC-3) Project at Adamjee Export Processing Zone , Narayangonj.

International Client: Must Garments

Nature of Works

Site Preparation Sqm. 8000.00
Earth work in excavation Cum. 2775.00
Earth filling by excavated earth Cum. 1030.00
Sand filliny by carried sand Cum. 3900.00
Brick flat soling Sqm. 7800.00
Bored/Cast-in-situ R.C.C.pile with OPC design mix M35 with 390Kg/m3 Rm 26000.00
Lean Concrete Cum. 770.00
RCC work in foundation, Column, beam, slab etc. Cum. 8240.00
Reinforcement Rebar work Quintal 1680.00
Brick works (250mm) Cum. 1860.00
Plaster works Sqm. 3820.00

Value of Contract: BDT-27.00 Crore US$ 3.37 Million

Construction of Pile cap to grade beam Civil Work at DEPZ, Savar, Dhaka.

Client : Croydon Kowloon Designs Ltd.
Nature of Works

Earth Work in Excavation Cum. 6220.00
Shuttering for C.C Custing, Short Column Casting, RCC Custing sft. 128237.00
Reber Febrication kg 290222.00
RCC Custing by stone chips (1:1:5:3) Cum 4048.00
Pattent Stone 50mm thickness sft. 28437.00
Plaster work sft. 173750.00
Water Proofing sft. 45812.00
Brick Soling sft. 71064.00
Hardner floor finishing sft. 71064.00

Value of Contract: BDT-5.30 Crore US$ 0.66 Million

Civil Works of The Green field IBPL project (Coca-Cola) at Habirbari, Bhaluka, Mymensingh

Client: International Beverages Private Limited,Hobirbari,Bhaluka,Mymensingh.
Nature of Works

Site Preparation Sqm. 61965.00
Earth work in excavation Cum. 78257.00
Earth filling by excavated earth Cum. 40250.00
Sand filliny by carried sand Cum. 35050.00
Brick flat soling Sqm. 4500.00
Lean Concrete Cum. 4435.00
RCC work in foundation,Column, beam, slab etc. Cum. 17764.00
Shuttering work in for rcc work Sqm. 45310.00
Reinforcement Rebar work Quintal 21328.00
Brick works (250mm) Cum. 4075.00
Plaster works Sqm. 50540.00

Value of Contract: BDT-104 cror OR 13.30 Million US Doller

Civil Work for RCC Road Construction at Rupshi, Rupgonj, Narayangonj.

Client: Aftab Feed Product Pvt Ltd.
Nature of Works

Lay out & Marking Sqm –3298.00
Earth Work in Excavation Sqm. – 3298
Demolition & Disposal of Existing Harring bond & Stacking Sqm. 2377.00
Consolidation laying, leveling, watering & compaction etc Cum. – 989.00
Sub base Cum. – 989.00
RCC Rigid pavement Cum. - 741.00
Reinforcement work kgs. 42500.00
Expansion Joint RM. 926.00

Value of Contract: BDT-4.75 Crore US$ 0.60 Million

Civil Construction of Marico Refinery at Bagerbazar, Gazipur Sadar, Gazipur

Client: Marico Bangladesh Ltd.
Nature of Work : Construction works of 4 storied Factory Building.
Nature of Works

Site Preparation Sqm. 600.00
Earth work in excavation Cum. 200.00
Earth filling by excavated earth Cum. 200
Sand filling by carried sand Cum. 50.00
Formwork/Shuttering Sqm. 398.00
Rebar Work, Super-structure (Above PL) kg. 9664.00
Reinforcement, cement concrete work ( (above PL) Cum. 117.00
Brick works (250mm) Cum. 84.00
Plaster works Sqm. 667.00

Value of Contract: BDT-1.6 Crore US$ 0.2 Million

Construction of ETP (35m3/hr) Equalization tank, Aeration tank, Secondary Clarifier & Sludge drying bed, ETP Lab & Blower room at Bagher bazar Plant, Gazipur

Client: Transcom Beverages Limited
Nature of Work : Construction of ETP (35m3/hr)
Nature of Works

Earth work Excavation, CC Macadam work RCC dismentling work, RCC & CC Custing work Shuttering Work, Plaster work, Sand/Earth Back Filling work, Brick work, Sanitary/Plambing Work, Electrical Work

Value of Contract: BDT-1.30 Crore US$ 0.162 Million

Construction of 25.00M Long RCC parabolic Arch Girder Bridge over nice Denim Mills Ltd. At North Mawna, Sreepur, Gazipur

Client: Nice Denim Mills Ltd. ( A concern of Noman Group)
Nature of Work : Construction of 25.00M Long RCC
Nature of Works

Bored/Cast-in-situ R.C.C.pile with OPC design mix M 22 , RM 442.00
RCC Work for Cast-in-situ pile with RM 171
Earth work excavation, Single layer brick flat soling, RCC work in pile cap, RCC work for abut. Wall, Griders, cross girders workarch girder, deck slabwearing course, CC block, Ribber work, Earth filling, sand filling etc.

Value of Contract: BDT-1.5 Crore US$ 0.18 Million

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International Clientele

  1. International Beverage Pvt. Ltd. (Coca-Cola)
  2. Obayashi Corporation (Japan)
  3. Shimizu Corporation (Japan)
  4. Chevron Bangladesh
  5. Ansal Build Well Ltd. (India)
  6. Samwhan Corporation (Korea)
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