Pubali Construction Company Limited.


Pubali Construction Company Limited continuing Investment in plant and equipment is just one factor in our success. Others Include qualified and professional management team and a highly skilled permanent workforce; both undergo ongoing training to provide the highest standards and technical knowledge. Operationally, our equipment fleet is extensive and updated yearly. Our warehouse and dispatching station are centrally located and well organized. All the equipments that Pubali Construction Company Limited currently have are stated below:

Name of Equipment Quantity Name of Equipment Quantity
Dump Truck 33 Nos. Unic Truck 4 Nos.
Transit Mixture Truck 2 Nos. Air Compressor 2 Nos.
Excavator S Nos. Dyna Light Truck 1 Nos.
Wheel Loader 5 Nos. Pickup 9 Nos.
Bull Dozer 4 Nos. Micro Bus 2 Nos.
Vibratory Roller 5 Nos. Car 4 Nos.
Motor Greader 6 Nos. Jeep 4 nos.
Tyre Roller 3 Nos. Mini Rollar. 1 Nos.
Tendem Roller 4 Nos. Welding Generator 5 Nos.
Paver Machine 2 Nos. Portable Concrete Mixture Machine 11 Nos
Bitumin Distributor 3 Nos. Concrete Vibrator 10 Nos.
Trailor 2 Nos. Water Pumps 10 Nos.
Asphalt Plant 1 Nos. Others Equipment. 1 Nos.
Crusher Plant 5 Nos. Motor Bick 11 Nos.
Concrete Batching Plant 1 Nos. Weighing Scale, 2 Nos.
Concrete Pump Machine 1 Nos. Lathe Machine, 3 Nos.
Hydrolic Crane (Crawler). 1 Nos. Crink Pin Machine, 1 Nos.
Hydrolic Crane Tyre/ Movable 2 Nos. Tar Boiller, 2 Nos.
Diesel Genarator 11 Nos. Tructor With Troly 2 Nos.
Water Tanker/ Bowser 4 Nos. Survey Equipment